Get intuitive!

Ever wondered why strawberries go so well with sour cream? Or how come everybody savours hot soup with bread crumbs? If you ask me, it has a lot to do with the combination of textures and colors. The vivid red strawberries gently diffuse their juiciness into the silky white mass of sour cream. The creamy soup is warm and tender and goes down smoothly until it meets the crunchy crunch bread crumbs and, perhaps, some almost too rough leaves of parsley.

There’s always a contrast in food – color wise and texture wise. And what I’ve noticed is that taste usually follows these two. So if you’re not sure how to match 3 types of veggies, get intuitive with their colors. When you waver whether you should add green lentils or red lentils to your salad, just imagine the textures you’d get with each one of them.


For me, food in a raw state is a continuous source of inspiration. And that simplifies things a lot. There are practically no major mistakes and almost anything can be redressed by adding and adjusting. Nothing like, for example, the meticulous process of baking: there’s not much to be done when your freshly out of the oven dough is flat and lumpy, right? On the contrary, a raw composition can go through various altering processes until you optimize its texture/color/taste. All you have to do is to follow your intuition and learn by experience.

To begin with, let’s say you have plenty of carrots for your salad. If you peel it ‘tagliatelle’ style, that would go well with a bit of shredded cauliflower, rucola leaves and sunflower seeds. You can translate that into: orange al dente ‘pasta’ + white chewy ‘rice’ + green crispy salad + crunchy seeds. Make the most basic dressing – olive oil & lemon juice – and season it with herbs and spices to your taste. Roughly, that’s all you have to know 🙂


here’s almost the same thing, with mushrooms instead of cauliflower

Once you get acquainted with these basic principles, everything else is pure fun. And one day you’ll come to realize how effortless this path is. Some dishes are of course more elaborate and deserts might require, most often, extra knowledge and accuracy. But take my word, everything from the kitchen workflow to the preparation itself runs much smoother than in regular cooking.

The blog’s posts are basically a collection of images and recipes where I tried to encompass all these guidelines and ideas in an attractive manner. In case you are wondering why there are no specifications regarding quantities, it’s because I don’t really use them. But please feel free to contact me for more recipe directions or any other request!

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